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Category Archives: home sweet home

The city hums at night. I love it. Between the glow of the streetlights and the glow of the wards in the outer walls, it’s a thing of beauty. I like going for late night walks, with Liana, my guide, showing me interesting little places I might otherwise have missed- there’s a little food stand a few streets away that she particularly loves dropping by as an ending to our walks. There’s a lot of night life- some of the fae here are nocturnal, as are a number of vampiric spirits. Liana never seems worried, no matter what company she’s in, despite the fact that all the spirits here don’t necessarily get along with each other. I ask her about it one evening, as we stroll somewhat aimlessly through the city’s magic district. She explains that while initially, the first inhabitants of this world charged in once I opened it and pretty much staked a claim on the landscape, newer arrivals often need a hand getting used to the ridiculous mix of cultures. Being a Guide, she tells me, is a pretty well respected job, and to do it, you need to have picked up a lot of information and social cues and all that kind of thing. It’s enough to get her out of trouble, usually. The rest of the time? She pats the knife stuck through her belt, her long rabbit ears twitching gently in a way I’ve come to read as amusement.

It’s not the typical job for her people, she explains, most Viera live in the forests to the north of the city and don’t tend to enjoy wandering all over the place. I can see that. I didn’t know her race of people would even be here before I walked through the big gate and found that time had flowed on in my absence and the people here had built homes and started trade and made a whole society with politics and culture and as a result, there was what essentially amounted to an established immigration process, part of which involved being appointed a guide to help newcomers acclimate. She, as one of my spirit guides and a newfound resident of this shiny new place, volunteered as mine. She knows where she’s going and is kinda permanently on call for helping me find places. At least for now. I’m hoping as I get used to Thornsheim, I won’t need her as much. It helps, a lot. I’d have offended half a dozen people before now if it hadn’t been for her.

Viera are a pop culture species, normally. Fairly insular culture in the Wood they come from, at least as far as I’ve seen. She tells me the northern woods are different to what her people are used to, but it’s well loved all the same. She never was a homebody, though. Went wandering as soon as her legs would carry her.

More often that not, on our nightly walks, we find ourselves in the fae bar downtown. The pooka behind the bar knows us now, and we have a usual. There’s something I wasn’t expecting. I kinda expected my every trip here to be filled with capital S Significance, but for now, it’s almost domestic. I have a little flat in town, and I go exploring with my friends a lot. Liana says that there’s a whole bunch of things and places and people who would like my attention, but right now, I’m in a getting to know the place lull. It’s lasted about six months, for which I’m oddly grateful, but she says the emails she’s received are piling up and pretty soon I’ll have to start actually dealing with the various responsibilities I’ve got. First on the list? School, apparently. I ask her to tell me more and she rolls her eyes and tells me to enjoy my freedom while I have it, before dragging me off down another street to show me the next awesome thing she’s found.