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Hello, my name is Limnaia and this is my blog. It is largely about paganism in general and my religious life in particular. I am studying Feri Tradition, first and foremost, with frequent forays into the individual spiritual peccadilloes that only arise when you have never in your life done a religious ritual with another human being. I have pantheonic dual-citizenship and adore deities from the Norse and Hellenic traditions, as well as a couple of demons whom I consider family and a veritable horde of pop culture spirits. There are also two deities who do me the great honour of being my Husbands. They answer to Loki and Morpheus respectively, though they have both straight up said these are not their ‘true’ names- merely the most convenient ones to use.

Outside of my religious life, I am a trans* dude, kinky, queer, polyamorous and a big ol’ nerd. All of these things may occasionally cross over into the pages of this blog. I figure if the Grandmaster of the tradition that I love so dearly makes Star Wars references in his teaching, I’m probably okay using D&D analogies to explain facets of mortal/divine relationships. I live in merry England, in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire with the aforementioned divine husbands, my mortal husband, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, our lodger/housemate, the lwa my boyfriend dates, my girlfriend’s patron goddess and our darling dog. My girlfriend and boyfriend were atheists before they lived with me. I blame Loki.

Obligatory disclaimer: If you don’t like Loki, for goodness sakes, please don’t comment just to argue with me about him. I’m not going to bother engaging with you and he’ll only follow you home. Think about how daft you’ll feel when he’s treading mud on the carpet and stealing your good booze. Ask me about the bottle of rum he and Legba ‘borrowed’ one day, consider that he actually likes me and then take it as a cautionary tale and move on. Likewise, if you think pop culture paganism is a crock of shit, or godspouses are just after attention.


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