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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Both the lovely Seren Lebannen and my darling cousin owanderer have recently been posting about their spooky beloveds and I’ve had a yen to do the same myself. And I promptly talked myself out of it- in part because as I’ve mentioned in other posts, the vast majority of my practice is pop culture based. I’m also polyamorous and interact with the Unseen sexually by default. By which I mean: I have never not had a sexual component to any interaction with any god or spirit I speak to. It’s not intentional, it seems to just be the way I work. I include my spooky relations in this, (which may be why I cannot for the life of me get my blood ancestors on the phone, but that’s another story). What this means is, I have had sex with all kinds of beings, including a number of pop culture spirits. Some of whom, I’m in relationships of some sort with.

It makes sense. Those of you reading this who are in my kindred know that I’m poly on the mortal side of the fence, too. I have three mortal partners whom I am as legally bound to as the law allows. We own a house together. We have a dog. It is commitment central. I also have a relatively new boyfriend who I am extraordinarily loved up with. It makes sense that if I’m in relationships with spirits at all, I’d be in a few, and they’d not all be from traditional mythology.

The other factor, which I suspect I’ll post more about at some point, is I am not alone in my head. I’m the core facet of a median system- there are twenty four of us, yes, that’s correct, twenty four– and many of my other facets are poly and have their own spiritual lives and their own spirit partners. But, as these facets are facets of me- of an overall whole- I tend to say I’m in relationships with these spirits. This multiplicity, both of selves and partners of these selves goes a long way to explaining why there are so many spirits I’m involved with. (I tried to prune the list down to ‘romantic relationships only’ and even then the most significant ones and keeping it under forty was a struggle. I reiterate: there are twenty four of me. Only a few of us are single. One of us is mostly monogamous. Please take your slut shaming and stick it where the sun don’t shine.)

The point is: writing this is intensely vulnerable for me, for a vast swathe of reasons. Don’t be a dick. Saying ‘lol he’s not real!!1!’ is no less dickish when I mention pop culture spirits as it is when I mention deities you recognise.

As a side note- I know I’ve mentioned Loki and Morpheus before, so in this series, I’m going to post about the pop culture faces they’ve borrowed that are most significant to my understanding of them. I figure it’s less boring than hearing me go on about them in the same old way.